The 230th Annual Diocesan Convention

The 230th Annual Diocesan Convention will be held virtually November 20-21, 2020 –

The delegates from the Church of the Holy Communion are:
Christine Jennings, Mark Gould, Charles Geer, and Stephanie Jellico, our alternates are: Mary Neale Berkaw and Lisa Covington.

The Pre-Convention Deanery Meetings are: Preconvention deanery meetings are held each year prior to Convention, and include all clergy, delegates, and alternates for the Convention.  These meetings are opportunities to discuss proposed resolutions and the 2021 budget, as well as introductions of nominees for diocesan offices. There is only one pre-convention deanery meeting remaining.  If you haven’t participated in any of the others, please plan to attend this one!

Sunday, October 11 at 2 PM

Please visit the Diocesan webpage for more information:

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