Acolyte Guild

Our acolyte guild ranges from ages 6 to adult. This guild serves two purposes. The most obvious is that we help the service run smoothly. We aid the priests and deacons in various tasks. The second is a much deeper purpose that the wardens take very seriously. We find so often in other churches that children are taken from the service for Christian education to be brought back for Communion. At CHC we start our acolytes at a young age because we feel that although our children learn a lot in atrium, it is important for them to take what they have learned in the atrium and see for themselves what and why they have been learning such things.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild of The Church of the Holy Communion is the ministry of preparing the Eucharistic items for services. This is the privilege of caring for the inanimate Sacred Vessels of metal, glass, and cloth which are made sacred by their holding the Body and Blood of Christ, given to the people of God seeking to be renewed, refreshed and who go forth as the vessels of Christ. We prepare the sanctuary for services and help maintain these items for their uses.

Lectors & Subdeacons

During the Sunday Mass and on holy days, Lectors read the First Lesson and may bear the chalice during the Eucharist. Sub-deacons actively participate in the solemn high mass, read the New Testament lesson and bear the chalice during the Eucharist. Lectors and sub-deacons are visible not just on Sunday mornings, but also at special liturgies, such as those of Holy Week.


Ushers are a critical cornerstone to mass. Ushers are the upfront and behind the scenes lay greeters to the service. They greet newcomers, assist special needs patrons with seating and hearing aids, provide the service bulletins, assist people with finding the correct service books, and count the congregation for record keeping. Ushers also coordinate the flow of the congregation to the altar for communion and guide the celebrant to give communion to those who cannot reach the altar.

Pastoral Care Ministry

We regularly see our parishioners who are infirmed, or living in care facilities and cannot be present at church. In addition to Eucharistic visitors, there are several members of the parish who routinely make visits to parishioners in facilities, their homes, and hospitals. These visits offer continuity and connection to the Body of Christ that is Church if the Holy Communion.

Pastoral care welcomes anyone who would like to participate in this very meaningful ministry.


The hospitality ministry, the Sunday Social, is an opportunity to host the “social hour” after the 10:00 Mass on Sundays. We volunteer our time in serving light pastries and other finger foods to encourage people to stay to mingle after the service every Sunday.


The purpose of our greeters is to welcome all who come to worship at the Church Of The Holy Communion.

Our main function is to greet as many of our members and visitors as possible as they enter or leave the church on Sunday mornings. The goal is to extend a warm, friendly welcome to all persons we make contact with (especially visitors). If requested, we provide more information about the church, services, and opportunities that are offered at Holy Communion. Finally, we invite them to join us for fellowship in the parish hall at the after the Mass.

Daughters of The King®

Daughters of the King® is a Religious Order, composed of women and girls between the ages of seven and one hundred and seven who desire a closer walk with the Lord. We are Christian women, both lay and ordained, who are strengthened through the discipline of a Rule of Life, and supported through the companionship of our sisters. We are all at different stages of our Christian journey – some have just begun and some have been on this path for a long time. But no matter where we are on our sacred journeys, our primary goal is the same – to know Jesus Christ and to make Him known to others.

St. Monnica’s Chapter of The Order of the Daughters of the King® was formed at Church of the Holy Communion in 2003, by a group of seven women, two of whom had been Daughters for many years and desired to have a group at Church of the Holy Communion with whom they could pray and serve their parish. All women seeking to become a member of The Order of the Daughters of the King® participate in a study group that addresses Twelve Questions of Christian Life and the meaning of a Rule of Life and a Rule of Service. At the end of the Study Period, and a period of Discernment, women to become a Daughter take their vows in their parish church and receive their Silver Cross, an emblem of their vow to pray daily and to serve Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior.

Confidential prayer requests may be emailed to St. Monnica’s Chapter of The Order of the Daughters of the King at:

There is also a prayer request box for written requests in the South Transept of the church’s Nave.

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