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From our Rector:  I realize that some of you find it uncomfortable to talk about money…particularly regarding church matters. However, I strongly believe that we would be selling ourselves short and missing one of the true joys of Christian vocation, were we to try to avoid entirely, this topic that was one of Jesus’s very favorite subjects. I never fail to be surprised by how much Jesus talked about money. For instance, sixteen of the thirty-eight parables were concerned with how to handle money and possessions. In the Gospels, one of ten verses deal directly with the subject of money. There are, of course, essential reasons for this. But we will not talk about money in this column.

And I suppose that you would likewise rather we not talk about sin…our own brokenness and turpitude, and I doubt that you would likely welcome a pointed discussion about our Christian duty…what our Lord expects out of us, in the way of our worship and work habits, etc. and my final guess is that many of us would most certainly not savor any sort of instructions on our need to embrace evangelism and some evangelistic practices.

So, we will not talk about money…nor will we talk about any of the other topics I just mentioned. Instead, we will talk about stewardship.

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