Rally Sunday is THIS Sunday, September 12!!!!

Rally Sunday is coming to Church of the Holy Communion on September 12, 2021, immediately following the 9:15 Mass. Our activities will take place in the back parking lot in a special roped-off area, therefore, please pay close attention when parking on Rally Sunday.  There will be plenty of remaining parking spaces outside the designated Rally Sunday activity area.

We are switching things up a bit this year. The various ministries within our church will have stations for their ministries with information about the ministry and sign-up sheets. We will have lunch and mixed-age relay races to create a carnival atmosphere for the day.  We want everyone to have F-U-N, fun, not just sign up for a ministry, although that is certainly one of the goals of Rally Sunday.

The best part of Rally Sunday?  There will be PRIZES for the winning team in each relay race and gift baskets for the person who visits the most ministry stations. So, leave your dignity at home on Rally Sunday, wear comfortable clothes and get ready to participate in the Egg Race, the Over/Under Ball Race, and the Beach Ball Relay Race.

Here’s how it will work for the gift baskets.  Upon exiting the church through the back doors, each parishioner will be handed a Passport. Visit the various ministry stations and receive a sticker from that ministry.  If you visit every station, your passport will be entered into a drawing for a gift basket.  If you sign up to participate in a ministry, you will receive a second sticker from that ministry. Those Passports will be placed in a separate container for a drawing for the second gift basket.

Our younger members are not excluded.  There are ministries in which they can participate also and there will be two drawings for the young people of the parish.

~The Rally Sunday Committee

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