Dear CAJM Network Members and Friends,

Thank you to Jan, Joy, Chris, Cappy, Diane, Darrah, Mark, Lauren for coming to the winter Network Meeting.

I know I felt even more amazed and joyful by what has been accomplished in the topics of Housing, Health Care, Environmental Justice, Education, and Policing. And even greater inspiration to apply the pressure needed to move the organizations and governments to their promised actions. WE NEED YOU to help apply this pressure.

There will be continued research visits. I find these meetings very educational and fascinating. Also we apply pressure by showing up to council and school board meetings and meetings with health care authorities. Please watch for the CAJM Manna for these meetings, anyone may attend.

    Our next meetings, which Network Members committed to attend, are:

Rally Monday, February 27th, 7p.m. at Mt Moriah MBC

Nehemiah Action Meeting, Monday, March 20th, 7p.m. at Mt Moriah MBC.

Bring at least 3 people with you.

I have Rally tickets for any Network Member who was unable to attend last night’s meeting. This allows you to fill out the ticket ahead of time to speed your way into the meeting. There will also be tickets available at the door.


Mary Neale

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