2020 Christmas Projects for the Day School

2020 XMAS Projects

Christmas Projects for your consideration!!!


In recent years Sue Cavanaugh has provided a treat bag to each of our day school students in show of support on behalf of the church. This year there are 3 projects in which to get involved in the support of Holy Communion’s Day School:

Painted personalized Christmas Tree Ornaments…

Hand Print Plaques…and…

Christmas Treat Bags

The Hand Print Plaques will be done in the Primary class during their work cycle on December 2-4 from 9-10am. We’ll need 2 assistants.


The Treat Bag Assembly will be done after Mass on December 6. We’ll need as many as willing to stay to stuff bags.

Projects to be done while following the Safe Practices recommendations.


Anyone interested in helping in any of these projects please contact Sue Cavanaugh (suecavanaugh@gmail.com) or Stephanie Jellico (dayschool@holycomm.org) 



Thank you for your consideration and continued support in the ministry of your day school,

Stephanie and Sue

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