The Feast of the Assumption – August 15th

A unique experience: The Feast of Saint Mary the Virgin (the Assumption) on August 15th.

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Church of the Holy Communion, Charleston, invites you to share a spiritual pilgrimage into the Paschal Mystery in the joyful warmth of Charleston’s summertime and hospitality!

On Thursday evening 15th August 2024, come as sisters- and brothers-in-Christ for a Solemn Procession and Solemn Eucharist at 6:00 PM we celebrate the Feast of Saint Mary the Virgin, the heavenly birthday of the Mother of Jesus Christ our Lord and God.

You will experience the ages-old tradition of truly God-centered worship in the timeless cadences of the historic Books of Common Prayer and the stirring vitality of the music of the Anglo-Catholic Revival, prayed and sung to the glory of God in one of Charleston’s historic gem-churches. As the Lowcountry’s famous “high church,” you won’t be disappointed about bells and incense here; but as a spiritual pilgrimage the opportunities for both teaching and devotion will not be limited to a ceremonious evening Liturgy:

The Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confessions) will be offered in Starr Chapel from 2:00 to 4:00 PM by an experienced confessor for those desiring it.

The Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary will be prayed in St Mary’s Chapel beginning at 4:05 PM

and Evening Prayer will be read there at 4:30 PM.

Once Evening Prayer concludes, relax with a soft beverage in the parish library as we survey ‘The Woman’ from Genesis to Revelation.

You are invited to participate in any or all of the afternoon exercises.

After the High Mass at 6:00 PM, please join the congregation for a covered dish meal in the parish hall.

Limited free parking for all exercises is available “first-come” in our adjacent parking lot
For answers to other questions, please call Church of  the Holy Communion, 218Ashley Avenue, Charleston, 29403 at 843.722.2024 or email us at [email protected]

Otherwise, we wait eagerly to welcome you on 15th August at 6:00 PM to a unique, hope-laden celebration of Our Lady’s own Easter Day, her Assumption into the joys of heaven with her risen Son our Lord.

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