The Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Church of the Holy Communion was held on February 11th.

We elected 2 new members for 3-year terms, to the Vestry, they are Charles C. Geer and Laurel (Laurie) Palmer.

The delegates to the convention are Francie Geer, Patricia Henley, Morey Lent, and Cappy Traywick.  Our alternates are Stephanie Jellico and Jan Schumann.

And Patricia Henley was elected to fill a 5-year term on the Endowment Committee.

Your 2024 Vestry Members are:  Sherry Royster, Sr. Warden; Kelley Poe, Jr. Warden; Joy Hume, 24; Boyd Richardson, 24; Sharon Dean, 25; Tricia Nimocks, 25; Charles Geer, 26; Laurie Palmer, 26

  The Endowment Committee is comprised of five members:
Robert Wallace – Term expires in 2025
Janet Gallagher – Term expires in 2026
Ben Traywick – Term expires in 2027
Martin Gramling – Term expires in 2028
Patricia Henley – Term expires in 2029

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