January 2021 Calendar & Server Schedule

The January 2021 Newsletter is still “UNDER CONSTRUCTION”!   We hope to have it ready for you by mid-week, next week.

In the meantime, the January 2021 Calendar can be found here:  Jan 2021 Calendar

And the January 2021 Server Schedule is available at this link: Jan 2021 Schedule

If you are unable to fulfill your obligation for any particular Sunday, please find an alternate and then contact the church office with the name of your substitute.  Thank you!

If you (or your child) are not being scheduled, we WELCOME new participants!

Acolytes, Lectors, Subdeacons, Ushers, Atrium & Nursery Help are ALWAYS needed!  We will make sure you get the training you need to feel comfortable filling these positions!  Contact the church office today!  843-722-2024 and let us know!

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