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December 2020 Newsletter


Said in a straightforward way, Advent is the season to cut the compromise out of our Christianity, to stop being half-hearted about the church and religion, about morality and love. It is a time to “come clean” and seriously look at the obstacles that keep us from being enthusiastic about our faith and hope and love. It is a time to consider why we think we are too sophisticated to love God with all of our mind and heart, soul, and strength, and why we are too self-centered to love our brothers and sisters like our-selves, as Jesus has loved us.

The season of Advent provides us with a marvelous opportunity for spiritual growth and time to reflect about what it is we are anticipating and why it is cause for celebration. It is a season that can protect us from a hurried and premature celebration of Christmas that impoverishes the Church’s worship of the triune God.

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