CGS Presentation of Good Shepherd Statute to Linda Andrews

The Fall of 2023, marks the beginning of 22 years of faithful service as a Catechist of the Good Shepherd by Linda Andrews.  Linda is the only remaining original  Catechist at the Church of the Holy Communion. She leads the Level 1 Atria for children ages 3-6.
On Sunday, September 17, 2023, in honor and commemoration of those 21 years of faithful service (including the year of preparation and study for certification), the Catechists and children of the Atria at The Church of the Holy Communion presented Linda with a statue of the Good Shepherd (not pictured:  Stephanie Jellico).
Upon presentation, and with a glint of tears in her eyes, Linda said, “This is what it is all about,” as she accepted her gift.  As all catechists learn,  Linda is 100% correct; leading children to discover The Good Shepherd is “what it is all about.”
Sue Cavanaugh

Coordinator of CGS* – Atrium Levels 1-3

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