CAJM House Meeting

Charleston Area Justice Ministry
House Meeting Monday, September 14th at 6:00 PM by Zoom.

Everyone who is interested in a more just community, please mark your calendars for this event. Then contact Mary Neale Berkaw if you are interested in the Justice Ministry. The Church of the Holy Communion had fifteen Network Members last year and I pray we have even more this year. To do justice is part of our baptismal convenient as well as part of God’s command for us. This organization is going into its ninth year. We have had remarkable success in the last nine years in making the Charleston Area more just.

We are an interfaith, nonpartisan organization of 32 congregations of various cultures. This is our strength, people power.

The pandemic has not stopped us from doing God’s work. All in-person meetings are held following the CDC guidelines. Many of the meetings are virtual so if travel has been an issue for you, now is your chance. Please say yes to justice: yes to children who learn to read, to children who stay in school and out of school to prison pipe-line, yes along with both Charleston’s and now North Charleston’s police chiefs who now see the advantage to doing an audit for racial bias in policy and practice, yes to more frequent bus service, yes to affordable housing, yes to end of wage theft and more.


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