A Message from our Stewardship Committee

Stewardship Message Week of October 15

What a blessing it is to be part of Holy Communion!  Our congregation has grown, and we continue to worship, pray, minister, and serve together in the grace and knowledge of our Lord.  We are a family of faithful disciples of Christ, inspired by our worship, music, education, outreach, and fellowship.

Your commitment to Holy Communion makes such a difference! We invite you to prayerfully consider making a continued or new commitment of your time and talent.  Pledge mailings were mailed out Tuesday of this week.  This year’s pledge cards ask how you would like to volunteer your time and talent to our ministries.  This might be a continuation of your current ministries, and perhaps you will be inspired by the Spirit to start new ministries.  In the coming weeks we will publish and send out an updated ministries brochure.  Your financial pledges will help alleviate the uncertainty of our budgeting for the new year, and will support all of our ministries.

Holy Communion is a dynamic community of faithful stewards.  Together we can share, grow, and continue to do God’s work in our community and in our church.  Thank you for your past, present, and future giving of your time and talents in this holy place and in the world.


Grace and Peace to You,

Stewardship Committee

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